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Toratora Safe Trip

In view of the uncertain situation we are facing in these days, it is considered essential that, before booking a trip, more attention to issues ranging from hygiene rules to refunds, from safety distance to temperature measurement is required.

The Toratora Team is following closely the updates coming from the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism. Our goal is to guarantee to all our travellers a totally safe experience.

We believe that a trip should provide a joyful and carefree sensation. This is why we have developed every possible solution to ensure our travellers both from the point of view of health security and in case of refund requests.

Hygiene and sanitization policy of structures

Even for travel, as for other aspects of our life, we will get accustomed to a new normality.

Travelers will have to sanitize their hands frequently, wear the mask in all enclosed spaces, respect the safety distance and become familiar with the infrared thermometer. All news that those who love to travel will soon get used to.

The tourism industry will also have to adopt new practices to ensure maximum safety for those who choose their accommodation facilities or their means of transport.

Toratora is particularly attentive to the safety of travellers and that is why we select only partners that can ensure compliance with sanitary regulations.

The facilities that are part of the Toratora surprise travel packages are sanitized daily and the staff who work there undergo constant health checks.

lng_sv_vasi Refunds

In view of the uncertain situation we are facing because of the Covid-19 outbreak, the idea of planning a trip might seem like a risk. “What if at some point you change your mind and decide not to go?“ “What if I get a fever just before I leave and I can't take the plane anymore?“

These are reasonable questions in this particular historical moment and Toratora has the right answers to allow anyone to buy a trip with peace of mind.

With the Toratora insurance – which can be selected during the booking process for only 6€ - in case of cancellation, you will have a guarantee that allows the recovery of the penalty applied for the cancellation of the trip as a result of events such as, for example, an accident or sudden illness.

Our travel policy also provides for the refund of travel tickets (aircraft- or navigation tickets) that have been purchased directly, including through the internet, even in case of cancellation by the companies.

Customer Care

Besides these guarantees, there is also our Customer Service. Travelling with Toratora is a very safe experience, also thanks to our Customer Care Team, always ready to respond to any doubt or need.

Are you wondering what countries you can travel to? Do you want to know how to get a refund? Can't you find your return flight ticket? Our Customer Care is at your complete disposal, in the chat on our website and on our social channels.

Toratora suprise travel packages to travel safely

To summarize: by purchasing any of the Toratora surprise trips or the “Gift a Trip“ voucher you have the peace of mind of being able to count on a safe experience because:

  • we only rely on facilities that guarantee 100% compliance with national directives on the sanitization of environments

  • the airlines, railways and bus companies that we select for our packages are the best known and careful to respect hygiene and safety distances

  • by subscribing our insurance at the time of booking, if you choose to cancel your trip you will be able to recover the penalty and get your tickets refunded

  • we have a Customer Service Team that is always at our customers' disposal to respond in real time to any doubts or needs.

We’ll come back to travel because we can't give up discovering new things and making new experiences. And thanks to everyone's effort and attention, we will do it safely and quietly.





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