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About Us

We are dreamers who want to revolutionize the traditional way to travel.
Our mission is to offer you a unique experience: we organize surprise trips for amazing memories and unforgettable experiences.

Our platform was created for those who are looking for something different, for those who make the most of every moment.

For adventurers and passionate travelers who want to change up their routine and experiment with something new.

We believe in the singularity of each trip, that every destination is one-of-a-kind. Our job is to build relationships with the locals, allowing our explorers to immerse themselves in the everyday life of the places they visit.

To do this, we developed an algorithm to select your destination city and where you’ll stay. We have trust in people, and so we have great faith in our local contacts to make sure you have a smooth journey.

Our network extends all across Europe, and you can choose from over 10 activities at each destination. Just select your city of departure, how many days you’d like to travel, and your budget.

We’ll take care of all the rest! We are Toratora, the surprise-travel platform of your dreams!





About us

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