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From surprise trips to virtual assistants: travel trends for 2019

POSTED ON 24.01.2019

New year, new you? Maybe. What is certain is that the travel industry is definitely changing. The digital revolution obviously influences a large part of our daily lives now, vacations included, and course the travel trends for 2019.


Many ideas have been born that serve to revolutionize the traditional idea of vacation, today travel doesn't just mean “visiting a place” but more than anything “having a real-life experience.”


If for you the arrival of a new year coincides with that fateful moment of planning the next vacation, here are a list of the top travel trends of 2019.


1: Eco-friendly tours

More and more travelers say they're interested in making as little impact as possible on the environment when they travel and are therefore trying out activities that are more than anything environmentally sustainable.


This new sensitivity that travelers have towards nature mainly translates to greater attention to accommodations, preferring those that are eco-sustainable and more cost-effective. Low impact and environmental awareness are now the norm for eco-travelers in 2019.


2: Surprise trips

More and more you don't have the time- or the desire- to spend countless hours on popular travel sites researching the best offers that will lead to the grand discovery of a European capital.


In the past, there were two alternatives: resign yourself to pay the price of the moment or act ahead months or years in advance, risking it all on potential complications that could arise at the last minute.


Today, the travel frontier is changing, from elaborate plans coordinating flights and hotels to booking “in the dark,” at a fixed low price to a city that will be revealed just a week before departure.


Think of a young demographic with limited budgets, surprise trips are a trend that will catch on even in more cosmopolitan and adventurous adult groups.


3: Local experiences

Among the main desires of today's tourists is the desire to “experience the destination like a local.” Travelers choose to completely immerse themselves in a place and culture that engages them in savoring local gastronomy, learning the habits, customs, and traditions and discovering the more “daily” aspects of life for residents.


Leaving behind more classical tour routes to instead enter the local reality, these travelers discover a fundamental authenticity that makes for a truly complete, rewarding travel experience.


4: Learning journeys

Most travelers around the world, especially the younger ones, say that they learn so much from travel experience, and consider the things learned while traveling just as important as those learned in school.


In 2019, a growth of tours aimed at developing new skills through vacation activities is predicted. Examples? Cultural exchanges and volunteering but also more professional activities are some options that work for most.


5: Tailor-made trips by AI

Among the most tech-savvy travelers is an interest in new and futuristic applications of artificial intelligence employed by the travel industry. Like what? For example, a virtual concierge that bridges linguistic gaps in a foreign country that can act as a travel assistant and plan activities and routes based on taste, preference, and previous travels.


Personalized recommendations in particular are becoming increasingly important for travelers: intelligent virtual guides for truly tailor-made experiences.

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