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Berlin's best bars: Electronic and reclaimed spaces

POSTED ON 28.01.2019

A cosmopolitan city with a rich cultural and historical patrimony, Berlin transforms at night into a lively and entertaining place.


Full of bars open all night long, nightlife in this European “city that never sleeps” continues to set the example for the other capitals.


Among the more well-known areas, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Prenzlauerberg, and Friedrichshain stand out without a doubt. The spots here became very famous over time for having birthed new trends in music like electronica and techno, but their huge variety has something to offer everyone.


If what you're looking for is to experience Berlin nightlife like real locals, we've came up with a list of the most frequented locations to enjoy Berlin by night 365 days a year!


 Locations reborn in the name of a good time

:// about blank is one of Berlin's most incredible nightclubs! Once illegal, this multi-roomed club situated near Ostkreuz S-Bahnhof, Friedrichshan, is an exclusive, surprising place today. Near the Salon Zur Wilde Renate and owned by a co-op that organizes cultural and political events, the club offer a large space with two main rooms inside, and a garden open year-round.


Among the most popular clubs, Arkaoda stands apart in Karl Marx Square in the Neukölln neighborhood. Once a bowling alley, today it draws Turkish inspiration, referencing the famous club of the same name in Istanbul, with Persian rugs and a warm atmosphere that are decidedly not German. Arkaoda is the place for you if you love discovering the new, the different, and niche musical genres.


Kraftwerk and the lights of the power plant

SchwuZ, OHM, and Tresor are other names to add to your list. These are equally famous clubs whose common denominator is location. All three find themselves at Sonnenallee 221, inside the former Kraftwerk power plant in the Mitte district.


SchuZ has a long history behind it: founded in 1977 by young Berlin university students who wanted to embrace their sexuality, this nightclub became a meeting point for the LGBT community, but has always remained heavily frequented by the straight community as well.


Tresor is another pillar of the city: underground techno club and record label, it was founded in 1991 in what was at the time an old warehouse. Fun fact: the name refers to an episode that occurred in the basement of the first location on Leipzigerstrasse, where safes were discovered.


On the ground floor of the same building, Ohm hosts more alternative music and emerging artists. Thanks to local musical politics, it's now one of the favorites of Berlin nightlife.


Kebab, beer, and tradition


After spending the night dancing at Berlin's best spots, regain your energy at Mustafà, the food stand with Berlin's most famous kebab. Mehringdamm 32 is the address to remember.


An unrivaled destination for electronica and nightlife fans, Berlin is also the ideal city for those who prefer to sip a good beer in the company of friends in a characteristic German bar.


We recommend Wilhelm Hoeck 1892, the quintessential kneipe also chosen as a setting for many films and TV shows.


The atmosphere definitely differs from those included in the usual tourist guides, think retro décor, an old Krupp cash register, liquor barrels on display, making it the ideal stop wanting an authentic local experience.


If instead you're looking for a place to savor traditional Berlin, head to Stadklause: good prices and traditional cuisine are the perfect combination at this place that stands out as one of the few historical buildings still standing near Anhalter Bahnhof. The furniture and photos you find inside will tell its story while you blend in among the regulars of this beautiful little restaurant just a few kilometers from the city center.

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